Unleashing Engagement
In Every Classroom!
Teacher Led Blended Learning, powered by AI!
Unleashed Engagement
Your Classroom's Operating System
Litmus makes learning active, social, and personalized. Enhance your teaching without adding to your burden.
Inclusive Social Learning Space
Kids learn better socially!

Litmus is designed for a social context where conversations drive learning, inclusion, and engagement.

Students can choose to work together on assignments and can stay anonymous to classmates, allowing them to be more comfortable to express themselves and take academic risks - while teachers still see who they are.
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Active, Incentivized learning
Kids love to play! We all know that.

Our learning tools promote active engagement through learning by playing games, especially our Quiz Game!

The best part is that even the game can be personalized.

You can create your own "Mario-like" multi-level playable games with questions you create appearing inside the game itself. Use your curriculum to construct a refreshingly new kind of formative assessment that students are incentivized to play, and learn!
Powerfully Nuanced Insights
Where do your students get stuck?

What misconceptions are prevalent in your class?

When have they been able to make a lucky guess?

These have been tricky questions to answer without the right kind of data and a lot of effort.

Litmus provides you the powerful Confidence Assessments that give you a comprehensive look at student mastery. These instruments take less than a minute to uncover nuanced insights - just like a litmus test!
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Makes the Planning Process Simple and Efficient
Too many platforms overpromise and underdeliver. They claim to reduce your planning time, but only leave you recreating tasks over and over.

Litmus empowers you to be efficient and creative, with a robust content bank.

Reuse questions that you’ve created in multiple contexts - interactive videos, summative Confidence Assessments, or a personalized game. We continue to add to our content library with Litmus Originals, which you can find in your ‘Explore’ menu tab.

"Teachers love the precision they get from the reports so they can target particular difficulties students are facing."

- Mrs. Srividya Mouli, Principal, TVSA 2005-2022

"Game and confidence assessment are pretty unique. Our students have never seen these before. They are very excited about them."

- Mr. Sreekanth, Grade 11 Math Teacher

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